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An accident and Medical Emergencies occur every day, affecting thousands of lives. The "it will never happen to me" mindset is quickly shattered when an emergency occurs at work or close to home.

Having on-site Emergency Medical Services is of critical importance, to ensure that there is no delay in providing effective medical treatment to an injured or sick employee on-site in case of an emergency and get them to a medical facility ASAP, especially on remote sites.
With Nirvana Business Solutions management team's tremendous wealth of experience in the Emergency Medical Services field. We are in such a position to implement and take over our client's Emergency Medical and Fire Services, and Occupational Health and Safety teams.

COVID 19 Coronavirus Pandemic Personnel and Medical Assistance Implementation Services
• COVID-19 Inspector assisting in Screening of Personnel.
• Implementation of required protocols related to COVID-19 awareness and legislation for businesses.
• COVID-19 Legislative Business Compliance Kit, including policies and forms.
• Establishing quarantine facilities with dedicated COVID-19 trained medics.
• COVID-19 Business Site Safety Files and implementation to government requirements. don’t compromise, be compliant.
• COVID-19 Isolation Pods. In the event that an employee shows symptoms of the Coronavirus they will be isolated in the Pod till they can be taken to a medical facility for testing and monitoring. The isolation pods are high tech, well isolated and have an air flow system that runs through the pods. It comes equipped with a bed and has electronic points and lights and other equipment should it be required.

Our service solutions and products include
• Paramedic`s Basic to Advanced Life Support.
• Fully Equipment Ambulance Basic to Advanced life Support.
• Emergency Response Vehicles-Standard and 4x4 Vehicles.
• Fire Fighters.
• Fire Fighting Vehicles and Equipment.
• Paramedic`s trained as Safety Officer, Working at Heights techniques, Snake Handling, Underground services.
• Fire Fighters.
• Managing and assisting on-site clinics.
• Emergency air medical evacuation (with selected packages).
• First Aid level 1 to 3 training.

The advantages to your company are as follows:
• Nirvana Business Solutions Ambulance Service division has several projects running and completed projects, and we are thoroughly aware of the full scope of work and risks involved in the wind farm projects.
• Paramedics and Fire Fighters placed on site get site-specific training on-site this includes rescuing injured people from heights. (This equipment will be provided by Nirvana Business Solutions).
• Salary and benefits are paid by Nirvana Business Solutions.
• Paramedics are sent for updates on their medical qualifications.
• Uniforms/PPE is provided by Nirvana Business Solutions.
• Paramedics are also trained in the Health and Safety rules and regulations for different contracts.
• Paramedics give direct feedback to Nirvana Business Solutions regarding the operational issues at the sites.
• Paramedic`s on-site can assist with First Aid box and Fire Equipment Inspections.
• Correct vehicle placement for the site, e.g.: 4x4 vehicles for Rough terrain, back up ambulance available in the event of breakage or accidents.

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Safety, Health and Environmental Training